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Why Blog?

“ An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.” Albert Camus

The Adventures of Miss Happ

Before getting too settled in my new found passion for blogging, I wanted to consider the process more critically. I understood that blogging my reflective journal had many advantages.

Forbes Magazine lists 34 reasons to blog:


The idea that stood out most to me was the notion that blogging could ‘Make you Happy’, Slide 27. Happiness, isn’t this the holy grail? What else are we working toward if not to be happy? But, how? Then came the next concept on the list, Slide 28, ‘It gives you freedom’. Ahah! The lightbulb moment hit.

I would continue my creative pursuit as an exercise in freedom. Allowing myself unbridled expression in whatever way I felt might free my thinking…

SilhouetteI recalled a conversation with Dr Michelle Dickenson, aka Nanogirl, where she talked about her alter ego allowing her the freedom to exist in realms that had been previously disabling for her as a shy ‘science-type’. I have always wanted to write science-fiction. I believe in the power of storytelling.

From these thoughts, I decided to use my blog as an opportunity to reflect as though I was another self, looking in. I have named this observer Miss Happ as an encouragement to my being comfortable in the presence of unexpected misfortune. The more comfortable we are with mistakes, the more we can be free to take risks and to learn from their outcomes. By reflecting in this way, I hope to develop new perspectives and importantly to have fun.


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