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Crossing Boundaries

Professional Connections

Our education system faces major change. Interdisciplinary practice will play a major role in the complexity of these changes. The ability to collaborate across disciplines and cultures will be essential as we work together to find solutions to new problems and to build new understandings.

Having the opportunity to work across departments in our schools can be very valuable as we learn to remove the silos of understanding embedded particularly well in our high schools. We must work hard to feel comfortable with change, to respons to change with a growth-mindset. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment means that many of us are asked to move between environments, developing an awareness of our own abilities to change at a young age.

As adults, we become more aware of the importance of our connectedness across these environments as our networks grow more and more complex. Entering the interdisciplinary world of education, we can draw connections we had previously not seen. We might also begin to wonder about, and to value, the spaces in-between.

Crossing_Boundaries_My_Professional_Connection_Map (1)

Goals and Connections

Iwi are potentially a very powerful professional connection. The importance of this is evident in a facilitators role as we move from school to school needing to develop relationships within an unnaturally short timeframe. Iwi affiliations can help us to access people and organisations for support, and to find connections with new groups of people with which to engage in critical professional conversations.

We might also take a keen interest in the development potential of online professional learning networks. These network connections can lead to new opportunities, strengthening these could continue to open doors. The sheer vastness of online networks means that there was always someone there to be challenged by and to challenge in return. When we find value in our online professional learning networks the potential for new knowledge and improvement is limitless.